We offer a wide range of exercise classes throughout the week . The descriptions below should give you some idea of what each class entails but please get in touch via the Contact page if you would like more details.

A fun, cardiovascular cycling workout. A prolific calorie burner. Be warned it's addictive!

Body Combat
Combines simple martial art type moves & stances developed from a range of disciplines including Karate & Kickboxing. Great fun and suitable for all fitness levels.

Vic's Mix

A mixture of different exercises to work both heart and muscles. Great for those of you who like variety and suitable for beginners.

The latest dance exercise workout. Easy to follow moves with great music. Suitable for everyone..


These classes help develop strength, flexability and co-ordination.
All classes are for mixed abilities and beginners are welcome.

Body Pump
A fun weight training session choreographed to music. Great for toning and shaping.

(Speed Agility & Quickness)

A studio workout involving resistance & cardio exercise.

Bum Legs & Tum
A workout that targets those "problem areas".

Low 'N' Tone
Low impact aerobics with a little toning work.

(Intermediate/Advanced or Beginners)
A perfect workout for all you step lovers!. A beginners' class is ideal for those who want basic moves and a great workout.

Aqua / Water Fit
A pool based aerobics class where the water acts as a resistance to your body's movements. A safe & challenging workout. Perfect for beginners to exercise.

An all over workout that will make you sweat. Great for core stability, strength and total body workout. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

You can view the Class Time Table using this link. Be aware that class times and formats are subject to change without notice.


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